About us

The company was created in 2006 by Fred Prémel and Christophe Bouffil, film producers, joined not long after by Laurence Ansquer, documentary film producer.

Our catalogue as executive producer includes 6 feature films, 4 digital series, 30 television documentaires, and more than 50 short films.

We also intervene as a coproducer on European or Latin American coproductions.

The company is based in two regional « branches » : One in the South (Marseille) and the other in Brittany (Douarnenez). This hold we have over two territories is our trademark.

Central to the collaboration with writers and film directors, is the contribution to the development of local creative and technical talent.

Our films have received selections and prizes in the largest international events : Cannes, Berlin, Toronto, San Sebastián, Rome, and have been distributed worldwide.

In 2023, the company will be bringing to the screen it’s 112th production and continues to develop feature film projects, documentaries and series for television and SVOD platforms, piloted by a half mediterranean olive oil and a half breton salted butter team.

Tita Productions and Tita B are members of the SPI, of Films en Bretagne and of the LPA.

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